Car Wash and Detailing Services
Located near Lexington and Woodman, the Hub Car Wash offers a variety of different car washing services that are sure to cater to your individual needs.  Your car wash experience is something that we at The Hub take true pride in so come on down and experience a real “VIP” experience were we aren’t satisfied until you are.  Wither your car is extremely dirty and in need of some of our detailing services or you just need some simple touchups from our A La Carte menu, we are sure to have what you are looking for.   Our experienced crew and operational activities have definitely exceeded the industry standards and we are constantly improving our operation on a daily basis.  This is why The Hub has created the first of its kind “Power Vac” service which allows dirt to be vacuumed in between the seats and those other hard to reach places that a regular vacuum claw cannot reach.  The “Power Vac” option is in the process of being patented and manufactured due to its increased success in offering a vacuum unlike no other and we are proud to offer this one of a kind service to our valued customers.  Don’t hesitate to come down and visit us, it will definitely change your perception on what a great car wash experience really is.  10% off for Military or Senior Citizens

Harlow’s Gift Shop
Harlow’s gift shop is definitely a place where you are sure to find that special or unique gift that is truly a one of a kind item.  We sell locally manufactured products that otherwise don’t get as much exposure in the larger retail chains, therefore promoting Colorado’s local businesses while being able to offer one of a kind products that are truly hard to come across.  Besides our unique items we also carry Webkins, beer mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, candles, wind chimes and much more.  To be able to explore our vast inventory of products we invite you to come down and shop around for yourself.
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Colorado Lottery / ATM
The Colorado Lottery and ATM services are truly an opportunity to make this your one stop shop when buying your lotto tickets or just withdrawing some cash.  We strive on offering a variety of services so that our customers can take care of some of their errands while getting their car serviced. We offer scratchers, Powerball, quick picks and much more so get your lottery tickets here, who knows you might be the next winner?

Beverages / Snacks
We carry a wide variety of soft drinks as well as energy drinks, coffee, teas, juices, smoothies, sodas and much more.  As far as our snack selection is concerned we also carry all sorts of candy bars, chips, breakfast items, and all other assorted snacks to keep your hunger satisfied while your car is being serviced.

RT Auto Glass Repair
Our affiliates at RT Auto Glass are always on site to fix a variety of your needs when it comes to windshield repairs or a full windshield replacement.  Just show up or call to make an appointment and they will be happy to service your vehicle.  It takes a little amount of time and is typically covered by most insurers so come get your windshield taken care of at The Hub. 

Winter Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Summer Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm
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